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 Welcome to The Savvy Eventer!

horse and rider with progress pride flag

My name is Sophia (but most people call me Soph) and this is my 4yo OTTB Casper!

The Savvy Eventer is my brain baby- a Canadian brand and blog dedicated breaking down barriers within the equestrian world. Being a queer disabled (autistic and proud) equestrian myself- I couldn’t help but notice that the level of representation and intersectionality in the horse world is seriously lacking. (I can quite literally count the number of openly LGTBQIA+ equestrians I know personally on one hand)


I want to change that.


Part of being inclusive means going beyond just representation- but also working towards leveling the playing field so that EVERYONE is given a chance to participate in this amazing sport.


It’s no secret that horses are expensive. There are some days where I wonder if it’s easier just to feed my horse handfuls of cash (It might not save money but at least it would be less steps ((sigh))


What may not be as obvious is that the high price tag of the sport and the fancy tack and gear that comes with it is often a huge obstacle for many equestrians. This concept is often known as gatekeeping- and its not a good look for us.


We are working hard to bring quality products to the equestrian community at affordable prices. Our goal is to get every equestrian looking and feeling great without breaking the bank.


So to all my fellow equestrians who have always been a little different, a little broke or anywhere in between- this one’s for you.


We’ve come a long way as a sport in the last few years but lets keep moving forward. Together we can work to break down the barriers that are holding all of us back


 Thanks for trusting us to get you and your equine partner #boldonabudget


Soph aka The Savvy Eventer




TSE has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination.

We are a LGBTQIA+ and Minority Safe space and are committed to true acsessibility, if there is something we can be doing better to accomodate you- let us know. We are here to learn.