This is the boring stuff but it has to be said.

TSE Startbox Stirrups are not considered Safety Stirrups as they do not have a quick release mechanism. While our stirrups are designed to be wide and freeing for the foot- they do not have a safety release. For this reason, we cannot guarantee your safety using them. 

TSE Startbox Snap Safety Stirrups are considered safety stirrups on the grounds that they are designed to release under pressure. The quick release arm on a steel spring system is designed to release to promote the freeing of the riders foot in the event of a fall.  While they are designed with rider safety in mind-TSE cannot guarantee rider safety using them. There is no current regulatory standard for Safety Stirrups in Canada. If and when regulatory standards are put into effect, TSE will pursue having our Startbox Snap Safety Stirrups evaluated and approved. 


It is important to inspect stirrup and spring integrity and functionality on a regular basis 
Alike the majority of equestrian products on the market, all of TSE stirrups are use at your own risk.
Any questions do not hesitate to contact us!