Team TSE

Meet Team TSE

Team Captain: Sophia Magder (She/they) and Littleroughjustice

Hey! Im Sophia but most people call me Soph. I use she/they pronouns and I proudly identify as Pansexual!

I am an autistic event rider who is making my comeback after a few seasons off  competing due to mental health, finances and just generally struggling to adult.  I have evented to Training level and im currently bringing along my heart horse OTTB Littleroughjustice aka Casper. Look out for us in our debut (ish) season this year! 


horse and rider with progress pride flag worn as cape

Brand Ambassador: Audrey Coleman (She/her) and Call It Karma

Hey! Im Audrey, I’m a 23 year old event rider. I’ve competed at the training level with my OTTB mare, Karma, who I brought up the levels myself! This season I’m so excited to get more miles on myself and my mare and am hoping to upgrade to Prelim! I am so excited to be a part of the TSE team and can’t wait to represent this amazing Canadian company and show off all the amazing colours!


Brand Ambassador: Logan Oates (He/Him) and Regal Cha Cha and Lucy

Hey! I'm Logan! I'm a 15 year old Transgender equestrian slowly making his way into eventing with my OTTB ChaCha who i've had the pleasure of knowing my entire life while also assisting in training my mother's Standardbred Lucy. Me, ChaCha and Lucy are extremely excited to be welcomed to Team TSE, I'm extremely excited to have found a brand that stands for the same things I do!